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Often when speaking or teach, we sometimes think of ourselves as being the blessing, but our recent first mission trip made us feel like the blessed ones instead. Right at the start of 2016 for a week, we experienced this when teaching an ‘underground’ group in another country. My life was so impacted upon hearing the way these pastors were going out to share the gospel in the midst of persecution! Their lives remind of the book of the Acts of the Apostles, which I’ve been really focusing on lately. I taught it at Indonesia in December, this other nation in January, followed by local churches in Malaysia and next month will be teaching it to a group of church planters in Cambodia!

Reading the ‘acts of the Apostles by the Holy Spirit’ is so inspiring, because it tells us we are empowered just like Jesus is. The book is not a story of history on how the first church was developed. It is an ACTive living example for us today on how believers live! It models for me how to share the gospel, pray, give, love and live daily life all through this book! The truth is.. We are still living in the Book of Acts today! I really encourage each one of you to read it over and see ourselves even writing our own ‘Chapter 29’! My ‘Chapter 29’ kicked off this year into new frontiers by travelling to a few nations, including venturing into ‘virtual’ frontiers where you might have even noticed our increased content on social media. Jesus has been stretching our creativity as we started realizing that we can take back the internet for His gospel, baby steps like even opening a Video School. Jesus is coming back soon, so now we can begin to see how Jesus can equip the whole nation without physical limits. “But Susan, I am just an ordinary person. I really am not sure if I can do even anything?” you may ask? I am exactly just that, but God’s goodness has caused me to experience faith coming alive and living boldly – not just to read about other people’s acts, but acts of [__YOUR NAME___]. Both ordinary you and I, but through an extraordinary Spirit of Jesus! Truly.. this year is an exciting time as Jesus is coming back soon. We get to see Jesus authoring His unlimited acts through us. In summary, I just shared the past month, and I look forward to the next few weeks travelling around to cities in Indonesia – expecting not only a great time of ministry but for great doors opening up for extraordinary future things! Would you like to come alongside and partner with me as continue in sharing His good news? Please share with us your testimonies too as we want to partner with you on expecting great things for this year! Check out my short video on this very topic, recorded in one of the 7 natural wonders of the world:

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