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Discover the Life in you

About a month ago I was reminded again that we are not simply beings that are alive - but we have the Spirit, the giver of Life in us!! (1 Cor 15:45)

Can you imagine our lives if we really used this life giving force that we have...??!!

In this messaged that was recorded on Easter Sunday I discuss what is the life that we have, how do we use it to change our lives - and even to make on impact on those around us!

Learn to take hold of the life in you, and speak it out into the things around you!!

Message is only 30 minutes. But, I encourage you to watch till the end and follow the prayer with us!

I didn't know that while I was preaching this message there was someone there who later wrote about it in Charisma Malaysia!

Read about it here:

You are not just alive today... You have the source of Life in you!! Let it out and bring Life back into the dying things around you today!!

Abundantly alive,


Next week we are taking every student out of school and out on the mission field for a whole week! We will be splitting up to reach 4 different areas with activities such as: providing food to the poor, house visits and discipleship, miracle meetings, school evangelism and much more!

If you'd like to be a part of it you can call Melanie Mowat at 1.416.497.4940 ext 4013 at World Impact Ministries or click here

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