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An army of missionaries in action!

The moment of watching as 100's of hands are raised when I ask who would like to receive Jesus is a moment that will never grow dull. Of all the miracles we see; this is by far, the greatest.

In our event one week ago in the village of Ndukum Siroga, Indonesia it was just that! Although we experienced many other miracles, there was such a beautiful presence each night around the salvation prayer.

The village is located nearby to the active volcano, Mt Sinabung that has rained fear down with each eruption for the last 6 years. Just a week before we came it had escalated again causing another wave of despair. Although others looked at it as a reason not to go there, I see it as an even greater reason to go! Those people need to know Jesus!

During the first night I shared about God's love through Jesus and Him being the ultimate sacrifice: none other is needed. Not even a sacrifice to the mountain to try to appease it. Afterwards we prayed for the sick and saw wonderful heallings take place, including many deaf ears being opened right then! The last testimony was of a 23 year old man born completely deaf in one ear. When sound entered he, and those praying with him, were literally jumping up and down with joy!

This event was actually inspired by our last outreach, just 2 months ago! We were doing our last practical evangelism with our students before their graduation. I noticed that many of our alumni were also coming out to help even though we hadn't asked. So, I decided it was time to do an event especially for all WIBI alumni to work together!

The program, promotion, set up, etc was all organised and done by them! (We also brought in a team from Malaysia to work with them). They ushered, led the crowd in songs, did dramas with testimonies, and then prayed for all of the sick and those needing ministry. The area we chose was because one of our own graduates has moved there, opening a church and will do all of the follow up! Watching our alumni working with such excitement and love for people, even years after graduating was refreshing!

I felt so blessed...! Not only to be able to reach so many with the good news, but to be surrounded by an army of missionaries we've raised up doing the same thing!

Thank you to each one of you who has supported us to do such things.. and now we plan to do even more, send even more, go to even more places!!

Because, the good news is TOO good not to share!!


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