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WIBI Indonesia

World Impact Bible Institute (WIBI) was opened in Indonesia with the realization that we cannot keep demanding on foreign missionaries and evangelists to change the nation. The heart of WIBI is to see each and every believer equipped with the knowledge of who they are in Christ. Our goal is to see each graduate walk in their calling and make an impact wherever they are.

Seminars and Trainings

One of the main reasons we don’t see Christians sharing the good news with others is because they often don’t realize how good the gospel really is and don’t feel adequate to share it. Each seminar and Training is conducted to train up Pastors, Leaders, Church Workers and all believers from the foundation truths of the cross and to empower them to take it to others.

Festivals and Outreaches

Our passion is to bring the gospel of God’s great love demonstrated through Jesus to as many as possible – especially to those who have never heard. We do this through many different programs including concerts, healing meetings, dramas, providing social needs, etc. Events can vary from villages to cities from 100 to 10,000 people attending. Each time we proclaim Jesus and what He has done for each person!

Mission Teams

As our students graduate and are called to the mission field we have the great joy of actually sending them out to different areas as mission teams. It has been such a privilege to see the Book of Acts come to life through the reports and testimonies of our teams! They focus on evangelism, discipleship and training believers in each location. Very often we see miracles take place! Some of our teams are in areas previously unreached without a single believer and now have families that are disciples of Jesus!

Radio and Television Ministry

God spoke a few years ago to reach even more by using media resources and since then He has opened the way for us. I have been invited several times to speak on a national tv channel. I am always amazed at how many people have watched my shows, even people of our faiths!  We have also run a weekly radio show on the government radio. We are praying and planning for this ministry to expand and reach even more in the near future!

Providing for the Needy

We believe that it’s important to show love to those that are often neglected or forgotten. Through the years I have spent a lot of time reaching out to prostitutes, prisons, the sick and the poor. I am so pleased that many of these ministries are now being continued on by our graduates. We work together with our students and graduates to reach out to these areas every few months often through providing medical help, clothes or food.

Helping in Disaster Relief

Because we are living in Indonesia we have often faced natural disasters that call out for us to take action and provide help through both practical needs met and the sharing of the gospel that lifts their spirits. Through earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions we have gone and taken part in the work whenever possible. We now work closely with a team of Doctors who provide free medical assistance in these areas. 


Susan Hoover is a contemporary inspiration in proclaiming the powerful authority of Jesus with the gospel of grace. She started as a missionary in Indonesia since 2003 with a heart to share Jesus, especially to those who have never heard of Him before. She also believes in empowering local people to enter their callings via leading the globally recognized World Impact Bible Institute (WIBI). Susan is known for sharing God's Word in a ‘down to earth’ yet dynamic and passionate way. Thousands have been transformed by the revelation of the cross and the power of His resurrection. Now she is expanding into the international environment through broadcast and social media. Susan hails from Canada and ministers together with her husband Kevin, currently residing in Malaysia.

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