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Kesaksian Ibu Lince

It all started from just going to buy a gas cylinder, but became an accident & going unconscious.. How sad it is for a mother to see her daughter experience this!

But the Lord Jesus is truly our helper in times of trouble. A true story from one of our loyal viewers of 'Life Unlimited'.

Berawal dari pergi membeli gas, kecelakaan & tidak sadarkan diri. Betapa sedih hati seorang ibu melihat anaknya sakit.

Namun Tuhan Yesus sungguh Sang Penolong bagi kita.

Berdasarkan kisah nyata dari penonton setia 'Life Unlimited'.

Amazing Testimony of healing and a life changed from our TV Show and Bible School!

Adam pertama vs Adam terakhir

Anda pasti tahu Adam kan? Tapi pernah dengar gak bahwa ada Adam kedua (terakhir). Mari tonton video dari Vatikan ini sampai selesai!

Mari Percaya Salib Yesus

Karya Salib Yesus adalah alasan mengapa kita merayakan Jumat Agung. Jangan lewatkan hari ini tanpa mengetahui arti dari Salib. Tonton videonya sampai habis!

Mengingat Kebaikan-Nya Kembali

Mari kita mengakhiri minggu ini dengan mengingat kebaikan-Nya. Mazmur 103:2 Pujilah TUHAN, hai jiwaku, dan janganlah lupakan segala kebaikan-Nya!

Berkati Orang yang Menganiaya Kamu

Sikap ini terlihat tidak logis tapi bisa mengalir kepada kita orang percaya dari Yesus saat Ia mengatakan "Bapa ampunilah mereka sebab mereka tidak tahu apa yang mereka perbuat".

Dari Dia, oleh Dia, untuk Dia

Untuk Anda yang maerasa 'kesempatan sudah habis', 'saya sudah lewatkan panggilan Tuhan'. Dengar kabar baik ini untuk Anda: Tuhan tidak menarik kembali kasih karunia & panggilanNya. Masih terbuka kesempatan, mari datang kembali padaNya.

Alasan Bersyukur di saat Situasi Sulit

Bersyukur adalah pilihan. Lantas apa alasan kita bisa bersyukur meski keadaan sulit? Tonton sampai habis ya!

Benar karena Iman

1 ayat singkat yang saya ingat saat mengunjungi kota Roma. Anda harus dengar ini!

Peter vs The Rock

A short word from beautiful Saint Peter’s Basilica!

Authority and Power

Let me take you to Capernaum - and we see how Jesus spoke with authority and power.

Healing Testimony from Central Sulawesi

A short testimony of how God heals people! They watched our TV program -- heard the Gospel -- were healed -- and said 'yes' to His calling!

God become a man

Is it possible God become a man? Hmm may be He can. But WHY?


I believe this video will bless you. Let's celebrate Jesus together by sharing this video to family and friends!

Pentecost Day

What is the purpose of speaking in tongues? A special clip for Pentecost - let's learn something today!

What is Salvation?

What does the meaning of "Salvation" have to with KFC? Watch to find out!

First Love

Valentine is known as love day.. I wanna remind 1 thing about love. What’s that? Watch this video, recorded in Patmos Island – Greece!

He is doing a new thing 

There is a purpose for you being in the desert place.. you’ll witness the impossible take place!

2020 - a year to expand

A special thank you to each and every one of you that partnered with us to reach out even further than before this year!

A Simple Christmas

Christmas is different this year, right? But, it could be your most meaningful Christmas yet!

Thrive. Not Survive.

Through this season of Covid let's not just survive, but thrive!

There is a BUT and a THEN to your story!

It may seem like it's all over BUT then... something small takes place that changes the whole direction!

Doing the Impossible!

Frustrated that the storms of life are not slowing down? There's something better than waiting! Step out and do the impossible in the middle of the storm!!

The Secret to being Evergreen

Long drawn seasons? No problem! We can learn the secret of being evergreen.

How to overcome the accuser?

A great lesson from the Island of Patmos, Greece. Your accuser has already been defeated by 2 things.. experience victory over him by learning what those 2 things are in this video!

Why didn't Noah's Ark have windows?

Noah was the first person in history to be "quarantined" inside for 40 days. And.. he couldn't even look out because the ark was built without windows. Why? Find the answer inside this video and apply it to your time inside as well!

When you can't go to church

The important lesson we need to learn during this time that will make us even stronger, even without a church building.

Dry Seasons

A dry and difficult season? It's proven it can turn out for your good!

Stay at Home

Staying at Home has happened in History before: and shows us the one thing we have the power to decide.

You are a leader in this Covid situation

Be strong and corageous! Because, you are leading others!

Alpha and Omega

How is the theme of revelation the theme of the whole Bible...? Discover your answer here! (recorded on the Island of Patmos)

2019: Was it a wonderful year?

At first we may only remember the difficult times, the losses, the struggles, disappointments, etc. But, the more we take time to remember the good that happened the more we are aware of all the beautiful moments, the victories, and how far we have come! 

The price Jesus was sold

Find out much you are worth!

6 month update

The first half of the year has flown by.. but listen to all the amazing things God has done!

We have a guide inside

Holy Spirit is like a GPS, when we don't know which way to go, He guides us..

A clip from Capernaum

There's power & authority in Jesus' words!

Real Explanation of the Rainbow

Ever noticed what shape a rainbow is and why? I'll explain what the Bible really says in this short video.

Vietnam beach

Your two options when things don't go as you plan.

Doing the "impossible" thing with Jesus

Even if it seems impossible.. when Jesus says something, you CAN do it!!

5 women in Jesus' family tree

Even Jesus had a messed up family.. but look at how God's amazing grace turned it around!

Jesus uplifts women

How did Jesus treat women?

The answer may shock you.

Jesus wants ALL people well

Did you know there's an amazing story of healing in the garden of Gethsemene?!

How God looks at you

I disrupted my own sermon with a surprise bride.. but it become an amazing illustration!

How the Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus

My birthday present gave me a powerful revelation on how we have everything in Jesus!

Jangan berharap pada kura-kura. (Don't put your hope in a turtle) 

Pelajaran menarik dari Hoan Kiem Lake, Vietnam!

(Text in English)

What I learned from my dog

Outreach Desa Semangat Gunung, Indonesia 

WIBI students worked together with a team from tNCC and touched this village with the good news and healings/miracles that followed!

Children's Outreach Medan

Our exciting event reaching 100's of children!

Cerita seorang yatim piatu 

Apa yang adalah paling berharga kepada Tuhan diseluruh dunia?? (Text in English)

You are a perfect partner for the Holy Spirit 

What makes a perfect partner? And do you know you are a perfect partner for the Holy Spirit..?! Let me explain how.

2017: The year without fear 

With only a few weeks left in 2016 I was preaching a Christmas message, but it quickly became words I was receiving and declaring over my 2017: to live without being hindered by fear!

A new way to be made right 

My husband's laundry tip made me understand how simply faith in Jesus makes you right with God again!

Medan Mission Trip Nov'16 

An exciting and fun update that will bring you right along with us as we step into some of the houses of 80 poor families that we reached out to!

What mirror are you looking into? 

How my bad hair day reminds me how hard it is to live under the law!

Who's in your boat? 

The simple revelation that can cause you to live without stress and fear.

What tone do you read the Bible in? 

Ever have a misunderstanding over reading a text in the wrong tone? Find out how we do that so often with the Bible.

What you think of when I say "God" 

We often accept other's perceptions or experiences to convince us of how something is.. Let me challenge you today to experience God for yourself!

Why hearing about Jesus is so important

Even in the most hopeless situation, when this one thing happens.. everything changes!

Binjai Outreach

Take a look at how our students minister, how miracles take place and a new area is reached!

What not to say about Faith

Something we often say.. that the Bible actually tells us not to!
Learn the secret of how Faith is in you!

Properly understanding why we take part with God

If you wonder why God wants us to take part with Him in receiving (doesn't just give it all automatically) and also in spreading His kingdom (not just having us sit and be comfortable) - this video should help answer it!

From an angry nurse to a street pastor raising people from the dead

An exciting interview with Jeremy Fast that will inspire you to step out!

How being perfectly loved works practically

How can you live your daily life without fear? The answer is a lot easier than you think!

What happened here a year ago?

Celebrating Him who keeps his promises and is faithful - even when we don't.

Faith is reaching down to you

Sometimes my favorites moments in ministry is after the sermon is over and when there is just a time of receiving. You didn't have to be in the room that day.. you can receive wherever you are today!

Why all believers can do miracles

Most people believe miracles can only be done by a few ministers.. that's why you need to hear this!

Healing Testimony

Jesus heals a Muslim woman in front of everyone in our event last weekend.

That's what Jesus did

Just discovered this video of myself from 3 years ago... radical message in just one minute!
Video dalam Bahasa Indonesia (with English subtitles)

Time to tear up the roof!

The key to great faith

Many people teach so many things about faith we could get confused.. but Jesus said only two people had great faith. And the way to get it is surprisingly simple!

Lesson from my jewelry box this morning

How a Swarovski bracelet gave me a revelation of how God sees us.


Do your dreams seem far away and unattainable? Here's some practical advice and inspiration to get there.. using a testimony of how I rescued some girls from prostitution.


The revelation that changed my life and freed me from the battle of my own personality



What will help or hinder you in receiving healing.


It's not just the ending to your prayer.. It's the whole reason you can pray. 

Learn how to use His name properly and powerfully


Klip sedikit dari program tv "Life is a Gift" dimana saya bicara tentang Yesus yang selalu mencari kita yang hilang dan tidak tau jalan.


This is the easiest way I can explain the foundations of healing and why all believers should be living in it today!


Belajar bagaimana gunakan kuasa yang ada bagi kita melalui mulut dan mulai melihat hal2 yang menurun, mulai kering dan mati.. menjadi hidup kembali! Apa yang tidak ada - menjadi ada.

What can you expect in 2016

What we can learn from Acts 4

A little something I've been thinking about.. current refugee situation, this Sunday, not agreeing with your government, how to pray.. all in 1 minute!

The miracle of Christmas - Intro:

What is so amazing about Christmas..? 
Rediscover how much you are loved by an unlimited God who left everything for you.

What is your self worth?

He goes before us - Part 2:

Who has peace with God?

(diterjemahkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

The message the world needs to hear.. The thing they are all searching for.. It's actually readily available for all. 

I am speaking in English (tapi ada penterjemah ke bahasa Indonesia.)

Doing things for the first time

Talking a lot about healing lately.. believers always have a reason why they can't, like "I've never done it before." My response finally comes out - with some tips to help you too!

Memandang diri sesuai dengan apa yang Tuhan katakan

Who is Jesus?

What Jesus can't wait to do

God's response to your limitations

You'll find out how myself, and so many before us have told God the very things you have - And what is His response! 
(I think this 3 and a 1/2 minutes is one of the most powerful things I can tell you)

What is grace for?

Testimony from an Ethiopian student

Straight talk: do looks matter

The world says it is all about our looks.. sometimes the church teaches to not do concern yourself at all with that.. so, what should we women do these days, especially those looking for a life partner..?!

Insecurity - how to win the battle:

Talking honestly about the battle within that we all face.. Why a partner can't fix it and how it will even cause issues in relationships. Time to know the solution! a MUST watch for all women!

Can you run from your shadow?

A expectation of God's goodness following you

Testimony and prayer in Sidikalang

During our event last month a man suffering from cancer who doctors said would never speak again, was overcome with emotion when he felt Jesus come and touch him. After talking with him I pray over the crowd there.

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