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Refugees: an opportunity!?

I've been wanting to address the issue of refugees for some time. Although what I want to address is not my political views on who, how many, and how refugees should be accepted. Because that is not my position or view to do so.

Most action I have seen from people so far is posting things on social media about it, usually criticism. You are allowed your freedom of speech but I think sometimes we should stop and think that when we hit "post" or "share" has that done anything to actually change the situation for good? We didn't provide a solution just an opinion.

Could bringing in too many refugees cause issues for countries not able to sustain them or especially when not using proper selective methods? Yes. But most of us today are not in those positions to make decisions. Criticism is not the key. Either is hiding in fear or acting out in hatred. Hatred or racism towards them only increases their chances of responding in actions because of it.

So what is the solution? The same solution that is for every single person in every country and situation in the world: Jesus. Only His love and life in our hearts can change all people and give the hope we are all looking for. But, how can they ever know about Him who they have never heard about? Only if someone goes to tell them! (Romans 10)

Which is why I see refugees as an amazing opportunity for western believers! Could you move your life over to the Middle East and bring the gospel there? No.. It's pretty much impossible! But can you do it now in your own country to your new struggling Neighbour? Yes..! You can! We now have 1,000's of people around us who were totally in reachable before. Someone will reach them.. A radicalized religious one, or you. Who will be first?

I was so encouraged to meet up with a wonderful lady in USA the other day. I had spoken at her church 2 years ago about Christ in us and it inspired her to take action. Over coffee she told me amazing stories of her reaching out to refugees and sharing Jesus as well as love and help. Her impact on a family from Afghanistan was astonishing and warmed my heart. And I just wanted to scream, "YES.. This is it!!" This is what everyone of should be doing!

I can only hope and pray that through this article many more will be so inspired to do so!

Because they must hear.. And now they can!


Also watch this video: A little something I've been thinking about.. current refugee situation, not agreeing with your government, how to pray.. all in 1 minute!

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