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A Life Changing Experience

What does it feel like to do something you've dreamed of but never been allowed to do your whole life..? You can now ask some of our Malaysian friends who joined me on a Mission trip to Indonesia!

A few months ago we planned to reach out to a few villages outside of our Indonesian city. Instead of just doing it with our students I decided to bring a group from our Malaysian church along as well.

So while some of our experienced graduates trained our students in Indonesia in evangelism, I was training another group in Malaysia as well! And how wonderful when the 2 groups came together. We split them into teams and they got ready to do what most had ever done before..

To go door to door bringing groceries to the poor and the gospel! For the Malaysian team this something totally new as their country restricts them and who they are allowed to share Jesus to. Thankfully in Indonesia we are allowed to share to all people. But then most say it is still impossible because they will reject it.

But did we get rejected? No! 80 households received the gospel in 2 villages in 2 days and we were astounded by how open they were and wanting to hear!

We prayed for the sick, the downcast, the hurting the needy.. all in the name of Jesus! Some decided to believe on Him right on the spot!

We will send some of our team to go back and visit in just a few days.. and the beautiful proses of care and growing will continue.

Our Malaysian team went home.. but now with eyes open that Jesus really came for all religions and th are waiting to hear about Him!

Exciting to be seeing all changed.. those we reach and us as we do it!



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