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Fresh video update from our latest outreach!

Another exciting event with our WIBI students working together with a team of graduates and a team from our church in Malaysia. All learning how to practically share the gospel and pray for the sick - the two things Jesus told His disciples to go and do. So, obviously two important things to learn!

The location was very interesting for this event. In a village called "semangat gunung" (literally translated as: Excited Mountain) which describes it well since it located right at the foot of an active volcano! We chose the area as 2 of our graduates have already started work in that village and will continue follow up after we are done.

The atmosphere was also just as excited as the crowd joined us in singing, dancing and watching dramas we prepared to share the gospel. The preaching was shared between myself and one of our graduates currently ministering there. And although the crowd was from different religions and tribes they all listened intently with open hearts to receive!

The most beautiful time of every event is witnessing so many receiving the ultimate miracle of salvation. But I also shared with the crowd the story of Jesus and the lame man - and as Jesus Himself said, when miracles happen it proves that He also has the authority to forgive sins.

And that's just what happened.. miracles truly happened right there in the name of Jesus! Some of our team was praying over the sick for the first time and was amazed that through their hands Jesus ministered healing to many! And.. whoever is reading this, if you are believer, Jesus wants to do it through you too! (That's what He promised in Mark 16)

Many many beautiful testimonies of leg or back pain leaving, eye sight and hearing restored, and much more! The second night was uniquely wonderful in the way that many children were healed and testified! One young boy Juan, was so overcome with emotion when his deaf ear opened after 9 years that he could not stop crying!

Even after the event was over we saw miracles taking place.. even right before our eyes we saw a leg grow out and put an end to the painful and limited past Shinsey, a 14 year old girl was experiencing.

We went home happy.. seeing lives changed in that village. But, also with so many of our own lives changed as we saw how Jesus can use ordinary believers like us! What joy, gratefulness and sense of purpose floods our hearts!

Thank you for helping us to equip many to go out and do this work.. changing lives and villages one by one. And we also encourage you to step out and let Jesus work through you, wherever you are! I hope you're encouraged as you read this or watch this video.


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