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Beautiful change of seasons

When living in Canada I loved October for the fall colours and change of seasons. I don't get that cool air or leaves changing here in Asia, but we get a different and even more exciting change: a new batch of students joining us to change the world!

From the very first day of school the new batch came in with great excitement! Almost all of them signing up at once to join our evangelism and mission team.

Thankful to have my husband teach the first week of school while I worked in the office training our new staff and interns.

A few days after school started another new season began for us.. our TV show being aired. God is a God who fulfils His promises for us! Thankful to see it reaching those all the way in Papua (opposite side of the country for us).

In between opening the school and teaching we took a few days to travel down to the southern part of Sumatra. Not only did we speak in Missions Night, preach in churches, meet missions groups to work together and share the gospel with 500 high school students. But, most of all it was about meeting up with those we inspired in missions 10 years ago and seeing them still passionate about reaching the lost today!

It's been a month of change and new seasons.. and it's beautiful!

As I'm writing this I just realise I totally missed Canadian Thanksgiving. So although, I didn't celebrate it at all.. and definitely did not have any turkey. My heart is full of thankfulness this month! And, its not even over yet!

Hope you can join in our thankfulness and rejoice over all God is doing!

Because He is good!!


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