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Can you run from your shadow?

It's been an amazing month! My heart is overcome with gratitude at just how amazingly good God has been to us! Our wedding and honeymoon were truly full of His gracious and loving fingerprints of favour! I've recorded this short little message for you, "Can you run from your shadow" and I think in the 2 and a half minutes you take to watch it.. your whole day, week, month.. year, could be changed!

Not only is it an exciting time personally, but in ministry as well! Since arriving home in Asia from our honeymoon, my husband and I have been planning and scheduling! Not only do we have a great schedule lined up for the rest of the year - but we already have 3 new countries planned for in 2016! Our dreams of going international in the new year are already becoming a reality! September is a month of preparation and promotion for the new school year as well that will open in early October - we are praying for the future leaders and history makers God wants to raise up in Indonesia! Our graduates that we sent out last year just came home from the mission field and with even more testimonies! Here is just one of them: "This is an experience i remember the most which happened exactly two weeks before my team and i will be back to Medan. We do a discipleship for around 50 teenegers every week. One day, after the meeting, a girl came to us, her name is Taniya. She asked us to pray for her mom with a very bad condition on her left eye for a month, swollen, even became darken. People thought she was a victim of witchcraft. I really remember, i and five others people prayed and proclaimed our victory over every problem and sickness. I also asked Taniya to do a phone call so her mom could hear and agree with us in the prayer. A week after, we did the same meeting, Taniya gave a testimony that her mom was healed!! To God be the glory. Hallelujah!" We would love your prayers in these areas:

  • Wisdom as we continue to make our plans and schedules, even stepping into brand new areas of ministry

  • His provision to cover all the costs of everything we need

  • The students He has called to take the step of faith and come to the school

And.. send us your prayer requests so we can pray with you! Expecting to see even more of His goodness...! Susan

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