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You won't believe the things that are happening

Since arriving back in Indonesia from my teaching trip to Africa I have been focusing on 2 things: the students currently in the school and working with our graduates who are already out doing great things! Amazing things have been taking place both in the school and outside! I have so many testimonies from our graduates during this month of April that I can’t even write them all out to you! We’ve heard of witchdoctors receiving Jesus, many miracles taking place, new ministries starting up, Muslim families believing on Jesus, and so much more!! Here is one testimony that was sent to me by one of our graduates on our mission team: "There was a man, who is a Muslim and for the last 5 years hasn't been able to work because he was poisoned. When we told him about Jesus and who Jesus is he immediately put it into action. And when we came back today he was healed and was able to go out and work again! The thing that touched me the most was that he also testified about his neighbour who had a problem with their hand. He remembered what we had said and decided to pray for his neighbour! And praise the Lord - their hand was totally healed! Not only was he healed, but he immediately passed it on to his neighbour as well! Jesus is amazing!!"

Our current students have so much potential as well.. They give me joy each day with their open hearts to learn and be led by Jesus!

We have many awesome moments in the school together but this one thing that happened 2 days ago really touched my heart because I saw a life literally transformed in front of my eyes:

It was the last session of the day and I was teaching my second years "Fulfilling your Destiny". The time was already up but I felt to pray.. As I was praying over them I saw quite a few who were really touched and I could tell God was speaking to them. Suddenly one of the guys began weeping. He buried his face in his arms was really crying.. Slowly one by one they got up and went home. So I went over to him to see if he was ok. He looked at me and told Me how he had seen Jesus walk into our classroom, come over and take his hand and hug him. It was 30 minutes of me sitting there and trying to understand the vision he had seen of Jesus taking him to see his future. Through the shaking and the sobbing I kept hearing one thing clearly, "It was so beautiful...It was so beautiful!" Although I felt my eyes welling up with tears, I looked at him calmly and said, "From today on.. you'll never be the same." We are expecting even greater things! This weekend I am travelling to a village with some of my staff and grads to do a training seminar and then when we return on Monday we are gathering all of our grads in for a vision meeting and planning to place even more in the new mission stations we want to open! I get excited just thinking about it!! Jesus is so awesome!! Hope these testimonies encouraged you today.. to see what great things He can do through ordinary people. Now just imagine what He can do through you!! Blessings!! Susan

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