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Jesus heals Muslims

Many people wonder if Muslims can actually receive healing, miracles and salvation from Jesus - let me not just tell you, but show you what happened at our last event!

One of our graduates purposefully chose an area that was about 98% Muslim to do an outreach in. We praise God we got the local permission to do it.

The first night of the event we saw our attendance was very small and learned that the local religious leaders had gone house to house warning their people not to come. Even the local church we were supposed to be working with got scared and didn't come! At first I was so disappointed.. but then I realized there was a small crowd boldly gathering - and we would take the opportunity to preach Jesus to anyone who came!

During that night we saw some Muslims ladies receive healing from Jesus! And then our students boldly handed out salvation books to each person - taking down their information. I was thinking that after going home with these books someone might come rioting the next day. But.. not only did they not come with anger - they came with smiles and even brought friends! The second evening the only few Christians there were invited by a Muslim friend!

But, we got hit with a huge storm and again it looked like the event could not go on.. so we gathered together and prayed with our group of students. We cranked up our sound system so all the surrounding houses could hear (if they wanted to or not! haha) and went on.

I preached Jesus! Not just healing - but forgiveness of sins and salvation in Him! And I could not believe it as they just soaked it up... I could have kept going and going! And then.. something amazing happened as we prayed! Miracles happened all over! In fact.. every single sick person who came in experienced changes in their body! We had testimony after testimony and they all declared Jesus is the one who healed them!

Some came down from the stage after testifying hugging and crying with our students.. others sat together and prayed to receive Jesus in their hearts, asking our students to come and visit them.

It may have been a small crowd - but the impact was huge!

On the way home we drove some students and I smiled to myself as they talked to each other saying "I've never seen Muslims testify of Jesus before..!" And I knew this experience was an eye opening one. You can watch one of these testimonies for yourself:

A huge thank you to all of you who prayed and financially supported this event! Please continue to pray for us as I'm now deciding on which graduates to send to this area to continue the work!

Jesus has salvation, healing and all things already prepared for whoever will believe.. But how they can believe if they do not hear. And how can they hear without a preacher? (Rom 10) When we go and preach it gives them an opportunity to hear and believe - and then we see amazing results like this!

Jesus is for all people!


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