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New batch of World Changers!

It’s that exciting time of year again – where we open a new school year and receive the next batch of world changers! It is such a joy to see all of our first years continue on in the school to take their 2nd year. And.. now we have also opened a 3rd year internship! We have3 amazing students who are already blazing ahead in learning how to run the school! During the opening many graduates stopped by to visit and see the new students. As we gave them opportunity to share a testimony I was again blown away as again and again I heard the same thing – lives changed! First our lives, and then we take it to others outside! Truly incredible to hear what all of our grads are doing out there.. ministering salvation, healing, the Spirit, miracles and hope to a lost world! The first week of teaching was the subject of Hebrews : learning the difference between the old covenant and what we have now in the new with Jesus, it is always better than the old! Was an awesome week taught by my very own husband, as I focused on work with the staff and interns to get the year up and running! If I used one word to describe the students after the first week it would be, “excited!” I can just imagine them all in a year or two – being changed by knowing Jesus and walking out their callings as the future leaders they are!

I have had so many requests from pastors around the nation asking for our courses by video that it is now becoming one of our next plans! Truly there is a passion for change rising up all over – the church in Indonesia is coming back to really knowing their Savior and the power of His gospel! It’s the first step we need to take place to change the world! I’ve also made changes in the ministry lately to reach even more! We have made a major increase in our social media. (Thankful for an awesome husband who is better at such things than I am!) We will be putting out more and more videos to reach those who we may never reach in person. I encourage you to take part in this by sharing them on.. It’s as easy as sending a Youtube link or sharing through Facebook. Check out my latest video post, “God’s response to your limitations”.

I posted it on Facebook last week and was amazed as it immediately got over 5,000 views! I think it will encourage you to be a world changer as well! Because the time for change, is now! Susan

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