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Not Your Regular Hospital Visit

Excited to back teaching my students this morning! Been a whole month away from them.. but so happy to see our school staff did a great job running things and helping them go out to share the gospel!

Our first year class had just been learning for a month.. and the day after they finished learning “Evangelism” we immediately gave them an opportunity to do it by sending them to a poor area with almost no Christians there to give out food and share love. Not only did many lovely Muslim people hear the gospel that day.. but amazingly many of them also decided to pray and receive Jesus! And we have a local grad living there who can follow up on them.

Did you know that Jesus did the same thing...? From the moment He called the 12 disciples He immediately send them out to preach the gospel and heal the sick!

Since then the students have organized their own time to go out.. walked into a nearby hospital and started praying for people! Even this morning before I taught they gave another testimony about going to a different hospital yesterday to pray over the sick. They didn't stop and look at religions, age or conditions. But shared for bed to bed as they could!

I didn’t get to join my students in doing this in Indonesia – but am now planning to take my new Care Group members in Malaysia in just a few weeks to do it as well! I love to see ordinary believers stepping out to extraordinary things!

Now looking forward to teaching the next two weeks and seeing all God has in store for us..!

Thank you all for being a part of it..!

In Him,


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