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Starting the year off right

Happy New Year!

Hope the first week of 2016 has been good to you!

In 2015 we had asked God for a few things: new ministries in Malaysia and to be able to have impact in many other nations!

Just one week in to the new year and God has answered so many prayers! This morning we headed out to a native (orang asli) village and has such a fun morning playing with all the village kids and then even sharing Jesus with them! We look forward to joining a local ministry for monthly visits to them. And.. Tomorrow we are off for Vietnam where we will each teach a course, equipping and training leaders and pastors to reach their areas.

If this one week can be so exciting.. Imagine the year ahead!?

If you haven't had such a great start to 2016.. Don't worry. But the best advice I can give you is to look at God's incredible love for you.. It will give you faith to not fear any issues and a boldness to come before Him with any requests you have!

To listen to a little 5 minute reminder of His love you can follow this link for a clip of my Christmas Day message:

Be blessed as you enter your second week of 2016 with Him!!

Susan Hoover

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