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Hear His voice in the midst of it all

I spent the last 2 weeks in Indonesia and had such a wonderful time pouring into our students there, as well as ministering in a few other cities. Actually, at one point I stopped to count that I had taught/preached 25x in the last 8 days! It is wonderful thing to be able to proclaim Jesus and His mighty work in us every day to so many people!

It was during one of these ministry times in another city when I heard God say very clearly to me, "listen to my voice." What a powerful reminder! That in the midst of all the things pulling at our attention, there is a still, small voice that speaks greater wisdom than man could ever know. Among all of the new projects and plans swarming through my mind; I felt, in just a few moments, the most important things rise to the surface and be clear. Today that voice of peace, wisdom and direction is speaking to you as well. In today's world in seems harder and harder to take quiet moments to listen and sometimes we think He stopped speaking. But, when you take the time to hear - you will hear that He's been speaking all this time. My latest video is a short clip of a Healing teaching I did in Kuala Lumpur. We have already made the DVDs available to those locally. But, the good news for all other locations is that very soon we will have the audible version available for download on our brand new Website!

Yes, that's right! A brand new website we will be opening soon! (Maybe you've noticed is down.. We apologize for the inconvenience) But very excited to produce a new website that we feel will a greater impact and blessing to all! In a few days we are off to Cambodia! Bringing our local care group for a mission trip as well as equipping local church planters Have a super blessed month! Susan


Please support us in your prayer. You can pray for:

  • new video school to open

  • mission trip to Cambodia

  • new website to launch

  • mission trip for Indonesian students

  • new building project

  • book, tv, media projects

  • plans for a large outreach in Indonesian city

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