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Graduation Day 2016

Graduation Day was, always has been, and probably always will be, a day of mixed emotions. On one hand I am very proud of my students and excited for them to go and run in what God has prepared for them.. But on the other hand I am always sad to part ways with them, after two years of spending so much time with them.

After the graduation was all over last week I was driving home when I realized this is the 6th batch to be sent out - 6 batches of lives transformed and those who are radical for Jesus and want to make a difference in the world!

It's amazing to see group after group be transformed and let Jesus live big in them! Love to see them be ready to be sent out.. I was even giving out follow up cards from our last event to some grads on the day! Giving them their next assignments and mission postings right there!

What a truly amazing life we live.. Always a new place to reach out to, lives to be touched and miracles to be experienced! Please pray for this group of grads as they go out.. For boldness, grace, strength,love and to enjoy Jesus every step of the way!

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