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Watch our exciting news here.. and how you can take part!

A few years ago I asked God for a permanent home for the ministry. If we want to be able to expand the school, and all of the other visions and ministries then we would need a home and a place big enough to grow. The first thing I did was to look at how much money I had - which looks like nothing compared to what I would need! But one day as i was driving through the city I saw buildings and schools from other religions and I thought to myself, "If they can have those things, without God, then I can have them with Him!"

So I began to look around our city to find the home God had prepared for us. Friends let me know of an abandoned property that had been started from an Australian organization to build a Kingdom Center, but after being cheated out of their money by the contractor, the vision for our city had died. The first day I walked around that abandoned building, I did not feel vision die.. I felt all my visions come alive! I knew that place held all the dreams of a Bible school/training center, orphanages, community center, etc... all in one place!

And after many meetings, prayers and discussions we are now so excited to announce that this building and vision will be raised up again - and soon! It is our goal to at least have classrooms that would be usable in the next few months. And then we will continue on step by step, level by level to complete the project in time.

We will be flying over to Indonesia next week to begin the work! After 13 years of pouring our hearts into this nation we will finally be building a home to grow even more for the future!

Would you take some time to pray over this place?

You can also go to!partnership/u658j to find out how to involved financially and help us make this dream a reality!


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