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At home in our new building

Yes, we have moved in!

We are so thankful to Jesus who worked through all of you who gave! It enabled us to put in flooring, paint, purchase doors, windows, AC units and so much more!

It's been great to be in our own place and have visions to expand now as we have room to do so!! I see many more students coming in to be trained up!

We actually have only finished the first floor of the centre so far. The first floor is shared between our school and office as well as the orphanage we are working with - which is now growing rapidly taking in more and more children needing help!

We are already looking at how to finish the 2nd floor so that there can be even more taking place! Hoping to be able to finish it by the end of 2017.

We express our deepest gratitude to each one of you for helping this dream to become a reality.. we will use this centre to welcome in many needing help as well as equipping and sending out many to change the nation!!

We are for your prayers in these areas:

  • Many more students coming in now that we have room to accept them

  • Finances to be able to finish the rest of the centre

  • Protection as our area is currently experiencing a lot of earthquakes

Much love and thanks!


If you'd like to see how we entered the building you can check out our Facebook Live video at the time:

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