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The most beautiful sound on Earth!

We couldn't believe our eyes as the children kept pouring in! Over 3x the amount we had been expecting. They just kept coming and coming and packing in the place!

The event had started with a desire to train our first year students to reach out to children through a hands on opportunity. Then we added on a mission team from our church in Malaysia to get involved with them. And topped it off by working together with our graduates and their team already in an area reaching children.

All 3 teams worked seamlessly together to create a great program! Besides songs, games and prizes there was 4 ways to share the gospel: through balloon designs, dramas, puppet shows and illusions! At the end of the program we gave the children the opportunity to pray and receive Jesus. Is there a more beautiful sound than listening to these children shout out the prayer with all their hearts?!? (see the video to hear it for yourselves)

And one of the highlights for me was to see the whole thing running by our students, church mission team and graduates without me taking any of the speaking parts! I just got to watch how awesome they were at it! (While I was taking the pictures and videos you will see - put together by my great husband!)

The children in that area continued to be followed up and discipled by our graduate and their team in that area: and we are sure there will be a whole generation of changed children in that place!!

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Next outreach will be in a month from now.. as we start printing the billboards today we ask for you to pray for many to come and experience Jesus!


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