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The biggest day of the year!

Our graduation day!

The exciting day where we get to send our students out! Every year it's so touching to look back on God's goodness and how far he's brought each and every one of them. Of course, I feel sad as well as it also means we won't be teaching and leading them every day in the school anymore.

This year I'm no less proud than any other.. we had a wonderful group of graduates! Many graduating from the 2nd year program - who have already proven themselves to be faithful Jesus followers, loving on people and changing lives along the way.

And this year is extra exciting as we had 3 graduate from our 3rd year internship program. 2 of them will now become our new full time staff in running the school!

Our graduation ceremony was full of life and energy! The atmosphere was built up by the many WIBI alumni we came! And we chose one of them as our alumni of the year: Pak Alfian. Not only has he organised two outreaches with the school this year, and taught two practical classes to current students but he is a modern day apostle opening up 3 new mission posts (and two of them in unreached areas)!

Please keep all graduates in prayer as some of them were leaving just hours after the ceremony to go off to other provinces to share the gospel!!

We will be taking in a new batch in just 3 months from now.. believing God will bring in all those that He has called to come and be equipped.



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