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Groceries in a garbage dump?!

I'm always open for new ideas and trying new ways of reaching people so when my staff suggested we go take groceries and the gospel to garbage scavengers on "garbage mountain" I said "Ok, let's do it!"

And then we got there.. and we truly had to climb up a huge mountain of garbage.. complete with hiking through the muddy path of garbage, the stench filling your nostrils and all. We gathered the people and one of our staff shared the gospel before we gave out bags of groceries. While giving out the food our students took families one by one and shared love and prayed over them.. there in the most disgusting and stench filled places in the world was beautiful things taking place! Even right there and then people praying to receive Jesus!

It wasn't just the garbage dump that we went to! All of our students, joined by a mission team from Malaysia also hiked their way into 2 villages to share groceries and the gospel door to door! What an amazing 2 days that was! Many cried as they were so touched by food coming when they had none left, or when they felt the love of Jesus as the teams shared and prayed.

(Touching video testimony from our Malaysian team below)

We already have one mission team there each week giving free lessons to the children and doing follow up.. but because so many families responded to Jesus we are going to double it to 2 teams next month!! The change in this village is incredible.

It's amazing how when you just take a step and go to places you've never gone you see that it's actually possible to take the gospel there.. there is no where too difficult, too dirty, too hard, too far.. Jesus can open it all if we will just be willing to go!

Think about that this Christmas season as you have many opportunities to share Him with someone you maybe fits that too hard, too far description.

Thank you for all your support that enables us to do this kind of work again and again!

Your partners in the Kingdom,

Susan and Kevin

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