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We are going on national television!

We have been approved to have a weekly show on a national television channel in Indonesia!!

It is very exciting to finally hear this news after a few years of dreaming of reaching more people than we could in person. I can still remember the place I stood when I first heard God tell me to go on TV to share the good news. At that time I knew no one and had no idea how.. So, I told Him, "If you open the doors of opportunity, I will take them." And He faithfully did just that!

Since then I was requested as a guest speaker on a few different shows. And then a few months ago I flew to our capital, Jakarta to meet with the stations manager to discuss producing my own show. After that we spent time making the sample episode they had asked for and waited for news as it went through all the screening processes.

Now that we have been approved there is lots to do! We have already started recording more episodes and working on how to make the show better and better to share Jesus with even more!

This is short one and half minute clip for our first sample show!

With every new amazing opportunities come challenges: learning how to be creative and clear while talking only a camera, finding those to edit and produce it, along with all the equipment that we need to buy (lighting, computers, etc).

The good news is, the airing of the show is actually given to us for free!! What a relief that is..! Now we just need to pay for the production costs and get the equipment needed to do it right.

If you are interested in helping us with buying the equipment and getting us on get on national TV to reach millions you can check out giving options here:

(Or those in Canada can call Melanie Mowat at 1-888-942-4253 ext 4013)t

Because millions are waiting to hear more about Jesus..!


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