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What exciting thing always happens in October?

Our new school year opens! It means God calls and brings in a whole new batch of students and we get to meet them and only imagine what will take place over the next two years.

Just over one month ago as we were nearing the opening we had no new students registered yet. Many questioned me if we would go ahead with the school year without students? I remained sure that this school is God's. And until the day He tells us to shut it down.. we will keep going with whoever He entrusts us to train up. I was so impressed with our staff's faith, as they didn't need to be encouraged, but instead were reassuring me, "On the day they will come. It's not possible there won't be many."

So.. in faith we kept going on and held our opening registration day. And, sure enough. God is faithful and sent in many new students! Not only the number we had asked for.. But another thing I've been waiting for all these years is more students who are previously from other religions. Exciting to see some of the students got saved from our graduates sharing Jesus with them - and now they are joining the school!

We enjoyed a few weeks of teaching them some foundation classes and watching in just this short time changes already taking place! Looking forward to see what God does - as He always just blows us away with what He can do!

And as our class is filling up to it's maximum capacity it is His perfect timing for our building process to be coming along and we should be moving in a few months!

Take a tour and see the progress:

I am immensely grateful for 1) God's faithfulness which is never late and 2) for all of you who have stood by encouraging us, praying for the work here, and so many giving financially towards our building and ministry.

Together we are discipling the nations,


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